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Vertico Treatment Clinic

Welcome to Vertico Treatment Clinic, your dedicated partner in conquering vertigo. Our clinic is committed to providing advanced diagnostics and effective treatments for vertigo-related conditions, ensuring personalized care and a path towards improved balance and well-being. Explore a comprehensive approach to vertigo management with our expert team, offering specialized interventions tailored to your unique needs. Regain control and stability in your life with Vertico Treatment Clinic, where your journey to overcoming vertigo begins.

VerticoCare: Elevating Balance, Restoring Confidence

Discover a holistic approach to vertigo management at VerticoCare. Our clinic combines cutting-edge diagnostics, personalized treatment plans, and advanced vestibular rehabilitation to address the unique challenges of vertigo.

Comprehensive Vertigo Assessment

Vertico Treatment Clinic conducts thorough assessments to diagnose the root causes of vertigo, utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and expertise to provide accurate insights.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Individualized treatment plans are crafted to address the specific triggers and symptoms of vertigo, ensuring a personalized and effective approach for each patient.

Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation

The clinic offers advanced vestibular rehabilitation programs, incorporating exercises and therapies to enhance balance, reduce dizziness, and improve overall vestibular function.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Technology

Leveraging state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, the clinic employs cutting-edge tools to analyze and diagnose vertigo-related conditions with precision.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Vertico Treatment Clinic boasts a team of multidisciplinary experts, including neurologists, physical therapists, and audiologists, collaborating to provide comprehensive care for diverse vertigo cases.

Patient Education and Support

Empowering patients with knowledge, the clinic emphasizes education on vertigo management, offering support and guidance throughout the treatment process to enhance understanding and ensure a successful recovery.

Vertico Treatment Clinic: Navigating Balance and Wellness in Behala

  1. Advanced Diagnostics:

    • Vertico Treatment Clinic employs state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and assessments to accurately identify the underlying causes of vertigo, enabling precise and effective treatment planning.
  2. Specialized Vertigo Interventions:

    • With a focus on vertigo-specific treatments, the clinic offers specialized interventions, therapeutic strategies, and rehabilitative approaches to address the unique challenges of individuals experiencing vertigo symptoms.

Contact Us: Reach Out for Vertigo Solutions at VerticoCare

Connect with us at VerticoCare for expert solutions to overcome vertigo challenges. Our dedicated team is ready to provide information, schedule appointments, and address any inquiries regarding our comprehensive vertigo treatments.

VerticoCare Emergency Response: Empowering Swift Solutions for Severe Vertigo Episodes

Experience peace of mind with VerticoCare's dedicated emergency response system, providing immediate solutions for severe vertigo episodes. Our 24/7 helpline, virtual consultations, and personalized emergency plans ensure swift and comprehensive care, empowering individuals during critical moments.

Emergency Vertigo Protocol

VerticoCare has a specialized emergency protocol in place, ensuring rapid response and immediate intervention for individuals experiencing severe vertigo episodes.

24/7 Helpline for Urgent Assistance

A dedicated 24/7 helpline is available for urgent assistance, providing direct access to vertigo specialists who can guide individuals through emergency situations and recommend appropriate actions.

Virtual Emergency Consultations

VerticoCare offers virtual emergency consultations, allowing individuals to connect with healthcare professionals remotely during critical vertigo episodes for immediate assessment and guidance.

Emergency Home-Based Interventions

In certain cases, emergency home-based interventions are provided, equipping individuals with tools and strategies to manage vertigo episodes until further medical assistance can be obtained.

Collaboration with Emergency Services

VerticoCare collaborates seamlessly with emergency services, ensuring a coordinated response for individuals experiencing severe vertigo emergencies, facilitating a swift and effective resolution.

Patient-Centric Emergency Plans

Personalized emergency plans are crafted for patients, outlining specific steps to take during severe vertigo episodes, empowering individuals and their caregivers with the knowledge to respond effectively.

Vertico Care Emergency Solutions in Behala, Kolkata

VerticoCare Emergency Solutions, located in Behala, Kolkata, ensures unparalleled care with rapid tele-assessment, personalized at-home vertigo kits, priority appointments, specialized rescue medications, real-time tele-guidance for caregivers, and seamless coordination with emergency transportation, offering swift and tailored responses to severe vertigo episodes.

Rapid Tele-Assessment

VerticoCare facilitates immediate tele-assessments during vertigo emergencies, connecting individuals with specialized professionals to evaluate symptoms and guide appropriate actions remotely.

Emergency Home Vertigo Kit

Personalized emergency kits are provided, equipping individuals with essential tools and instructions tailored for at-home management of severe vertigo episodes until professional assistance is available.

Priority Emergency Appointments

VerticoCare ensures priority scheduling for emergency appointments, allowing individuals swift access to in-person consultations and interventions when faced with acute vertigo crises.

Emergency Vertigo Rescue

Specialized emergency medications are prescribed and explained to individuals prone to severe vertigo, offering a rapid and targeted response to alleviate symptoms during critical episodes.

Real-time Tele-Guidance

Caregivers receive real-time tele-guidance during emergencies, providing them with step-by-step instructions to assist individuals experiencing severe vertigo and ensuring optimal support at home.

Emergency Transportation Coordination
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VerticoCare Emergency Response: Rapid Solutions for Severe Vertigo Episodes in Behala, Kolkata

Experience peace of mind with VerticoCare’s emergency response, featuring a dedicated tele-assessment hotline, swift deployment of personalized emergency kits, and seamless coordination with emergency transport services in Behala, Kolkata.

Emergency Tele-Assessment Hotline

Access a dedicated emergency tele-assessment hotline at VerticoCare, providing immediate guidance and assessment for individuals experiencing severe vertigo episodes.

Rapid Deployment of Emergency Kits

VerticoCare swiftly deploys specialized emergency kits to individuals' homes, equipped with essential tools and medications tailored for managing acute vertigo episodes until professional assistance arrives.

Coordinated Emergency Transport Services

In critical situations, VerticoCare coordinates with emergency transport services to ensure prompt and efficient transportation for individuals requiring urgent medical attention due to severe vertigo emergencies.

What Our Patient Says

Rachna Thapliyal
Rachna Thapliyal
Had an ear wax removal procedure done, thankfully it was super comfortable and painless!! Thank you Doctor.
Sanowar Ali
Sanowar Ali
I was suffering from Change of Voice due to excessive vocal use. Dr Rahul performed Fibre optic laryngoscopy and diagnosed it as vocal cord nodule. Speech therapy was advised. Highly recommended
Abul Kalam
Abul Kalam
I was suffering from Vertigo. Dr Rahul did clinical examination and Vertigo test, and diagnosed my condition. He is the best ENT and Vertigo Doctor in Kolkata
Sneha Mondal
Sneha Mondal
Good doctor.He is a very simple and gentle in his behaviour
Kalu Shing
Kalu Shing
Best Vertigo Doctor
Anjan Mondal
Anjan Mondal
Best Ear Nose Throat Doctor in Newtown. Did throat endoscopy
Arun Shakya
Arun Shakya
Needs to be more attentive and responsive.
Sneha Das
Sneha Das
Very nice Doctor

Frequent Ask Question

Follow the instructions in your personalized emergency kit, contact our tele-assessment hotline immediately, and, if necessary, seek assistance from caregivers or family members.

VerticoCare aims to deploy emergency kits swiftly. Delivery times may vary, but our priority is to ensure that kits reach individuals as quickly as possible to aid in managing acute vertigo symptoms.

Absolutely. The tele-assessment hotline is available for individuals experiencing severe vertigo, whether it's a recurring issue or a first-time occurrence. Our specialists will guide you through the assessment process.


The medications in the emergency kit are prescribed based on individual health profiles. It's crucial to inform VerticoCare about any allergies or pre-existing conditions during the initial consultation to ensure the safety and suitability of the medications.

VerticoCare collaborates with local emergency transport services to ensure timely and efficient transportation for individuals requiring urgent medical attention due to severe vertigo episodes. Coordination is initiated through our emergency response team.

Yes, family members or caregivers can contact the tele-assessment hotline on behalf of individuals experiencing severe vertigo. It's important to have relevant information about the person's health history and symptoms when making the call.